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Wings of Glory WWI: Rules and Accessories (2012)
Publisher: Ares Games
Designer: Andrea Angiolino, Pier Giorgio Paglia
Players: 1 to 99
Ages: 8 and up
Duration: 30
Languages: english italiano 
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List Price $29.90
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The WW1 Wings of Glory Rules and Accessories Pack is the perfect starting point for newcomers to the Wings of Glory system and, at the same time, a complete compendium for experienced players. Developed to present in one set all the rules and game materials (except the miniatures) that you need to play WW1 Wings of Glory, this product is also organized in a way that makes easy to start to play and to increase the mastery of the rules in logical and gradual steps.

The 40-pages rulebook included allows players to easily customize the game according to their preferences and experience. A wealth of optional rules is included, each of them referring to the “level” of the rules they can be used with, so that it’s easy to expand the game, no matter which is the complexity of the rules set you like to play with.

Also included are all the additional components required to play the game, such as airplane consoles, damage decks, special cards of many different kinds, rulers, and a lot of counters.

The WW1 Wings of Glory Rules and Accessories Pack collects all the game system rules previously released in several game sets and expansions, presenting them in a single place, so that you can play with any Airplane Pack in the WW1 Wings of Glory range. When an airplane requires additional specific rules, cards or counters, they will be included in its own Special Pack (as in the case of the Caproni Ca.3 or the Gotha G.V, for example).

Beside the rulebook, the pack includes a number of game materials. There are four decks of Damage Cards (A, B, C and D), 6 Target/AA Machine Gun cards, 6 Trench/AA Machine Gun cards, 6 Trench/AA Gun and 5 Bomb cards. Four airplane consoles are presented (dual sided for use with either the Basic or Standard/Advanced rules), two rulers for determining range and 163 markers, tokens and counters, to handle special damage, ace abilities, manage altitude, keep track of your airplane status (damage to the crew, last maneuver taken…), and more.

For more information, including rules translations, visit BoardGameGeek.
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