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Swan Card Sleeves: Std Card Game/MtG [160ct]
Publisher: Mayday Games
Languages: N/A 
B&B Price
4 in Penn
List Price $3.95
You Save 30.1%
This is the amazingly popular Swan PanAsia Sleeves, finally available in the USA!
These are Swan Card Sleeves: 65x90 mm Std Card -160 per pack.

These are recommended for the following games:
(the number after each game indicates how many cards of this size are in each game)
1955: The War of Espionage
1960: Making of the President 109
2 de Mayo
51st State 126
51st State New Era Expansion 7
A Game of Thrones LCG -Chapter Pack 50
A Game of Thrones LCG -Core 250
Acquire (2008 version) 175
Adventurer Card Game Portal Expansion 45
Adventurer: Card Game 80
Age of the Dinosaurs 16
Alien Frontiers (2010) 22
Alien Frontiers Mind Control Helmet 2
Alien Frontiers The Space Crane 2
Arcana by Agi 163
Arena Assault 50
Arena Assault Expansions -Seeveral 360
Artic Scavanger 144
Artscow Generic Decks Ascension 578
Ascension CCG by Pro Tour Champions 200
Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer 200
Attack! 108
Bargain Hunter (2010)
Battle For Hill 218 53
Battlecry 60
Battleground: Fantasy Warfare Battleline 70
Battles of the American Revolution - Savannah 55
Battles of the American Revolution - Pensacola 71
Battleship Galaxies: The Saturn Offensive Game Set 74
Beer Money 110
Belfort 50
Biblebattles 90
Biblios 89
Bloodsucker 137
Botswana 30
Bugs (2010)
Burn Rate
Cabo (Slugfest) 52
Call of Cthulhu CCG
Call of Cthulhu LCG 50
Call of Cthulhu LCG -Asylum Pack 50
Call of Cthulhu LCG -Core Set 200
Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game 165
Camelot Legends 100
Castle Ravenloft (D&D) 200
Catacombs 112
Chicago Express 20
Claustrophobia 50
Claustrophobia: De Frofundis Expansion 50
Cold War: CIA Vs. KGB 50
Collateral Damage Combat Commander: Europe 220
Combat Commander: Mediterranean 216
Combat Commander: Pacific 216
Combat Commander: Resistance! 55
Commands & Colors Ancients Exp #5 (Epic) 100
Commands & Colors: Ancients 60
Commands & Colors: Napoleonics 70
Conflict of Heroes: Storms of Steel 75
Conquest of Paradise 27
Conquest of Planet Earth 200
Conquest of Planet Earth: The Space Alien Game 176
Conquest of the Empire 84
Conquest Tactics 204
Cookie Fu 56
Cornucopia 106
Cutthroat Caverns: Deeper & Darker (2007)
Cutthroat Caverns: Relics & Ruin (2008)
Cutthroat Caverns: Tombs & Tomes (2009)
Dabong 55
Deadlands: Doomtown
Deadlands: The Battle for Slaughter Gulch 95
Defenders Of The Realm 152
Dominant Species 27
Down in Flames - Aces High 220
Down in Flames - Guns Blazing 220
Duck Duck Go 54
Duck Duck Safari 66
Duel Of The Ages 606
Duel of the Giants 38
Dungeon Run 80
Dungeoneer 110
Dungeoneer: Vault of the Fiends
Dungeons & Dragons: The Legend of Drizzt Board Game 200
Dungeons & Dragons: Wrath of Ashardalon Board Game 200
Dwarven Dig 40
Earth Reborn 79
Eaten By Zombies 200
Eaten By Zombies: In Cahoots Expansion 100
Eaten by Zombies: We Have the Bomb Promo 9
Eaten By Zombies: Weapons of Mass Destruction Expansion 25
Eminent Domain (2010) 162
Empire Of The Sun 165
En Guarde (Slugfest) 85
Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards 200
Evolution 84
Face Cards (Poker NOT Bridge) 52
FaceEater 192
Fairy Tale (Zman) 100
Fightball 330
Fire and Axe 50
Fishing For Terrorists (Slugfest) 88
Five Fingered Severance 54
Flash Point: Fire & Rescue 6
Fleet 112
Florenzia (2010) (sp?) 52
Food Fight 200
For Sale (Fred Edition) 60
For the People Forbidden Island 58
Force Ball 3
Fortune & Glory 370
Founding Fathers 55
Frontline D-Day 165
Gang of Four 66
Gem Dealer 96
Get Bit 43
Glory to Rome 186
Gosu 100
Gosu: Kamakor 100
Grimoire 95
Guillotine 110
Halls of Montezuma 110
Hecho Hera and Zeus 86
Here I Stand 110
Here I Stand: 2 Player Diplomatic Expansion 19
Hordes Hornet 30
Hornet Leader - Carrier Air Operations 330
House Special 18
Iliad 110
Illuminati: New World Order
Impossible Machine 175
Incan Gold (New 2009 Fred Version) 56
Incursion (sleeves are a little short) 84
Innovation 110
Innovation: Echoese of the Past Expansion 110
Inquisitio (2009) 130
Invasion From Outer Space (Flying Frog) 120
Island of Doctor Necreaux 110
Jab (Realtime Boxing) 70
Jaipur 55
K2 (2010) 95
Ka Ching 66
Kazink 54
Killer Bunnies Base (Blue & Yellow) 110
Killer Bunnies Each Expansion 55
Killer Bunnies Ultimate Odyssey 180
King of Tokyo 66
Kingmaker (AH) -Large Crown Cards 80
Kingsburg: To Forge a Realm Expansion 53
Kung Fu Fighting (Slugfest) 95
Kung Fu Fighting: More (Expansion) 88
Labyrinth: The War of Terror 120
Last Night On Earth 126
Last Night On Earth -Each Stock Up 10
Last Night On Earth: Blood in the Forest
Last Night On Earth: Growing Hunger 50
Last Night On Earth: Survival of the Fittest 76
Last Night On Earth: Timber Peak
Last of the Independents 114
Last Will
Legend of the Five Rings
Legitimacy 89
Lemonade Stand 85
Let's Kill
Liberté 110
Lock & Key 169
Loot 78
Looting London 72
Lord of the Rings Trading Card Game 226
Lord of the Rings Trading Card Game -Khazad-dum 165
Lord of the Rings Trading Card Game-Exp 60
Lords of Vegas 55
Lords of Waterdeep 121
Lost Temple 18
Lunch Money 110
Mage Knight: Board Game 240
Mage Wars
Magestorm (2010) 120
Magic The Gathering
Magical Athlete 25
Masters Gallery 74
Micro Mutants 50
Micro Mutants: Invasion 50
Middle Earth CCG
Middle Kingdom 110
Mimic 66
Mimic (4-player expansion) 24
Modern Art Card Game (Gryphon/Fred Version) 105
Modern Society (2009) 130
Montana 150
Morels 92
MtG (Magic The Gathering)
Mystery Express 72
Mystery Rummy: Jack the Ripper 62
Mystery Rummy: Jekyll & Hyde 63
Myth: Pantheons (2010)
Nexus Ops 90
Nightfall Blood Country 192
Nightfall Coldest War Expansion 218
Nightfall Deck Builder Game 312
Nightfall Martial Law Expansion 318
Nile (Minion Games) 96
Ninja Legend of the Scorpion Clan
Ninjato 103
Nostra City 103
Nuts 110
Omen: A Reign of War
Pandemic 111
Pandemic: On The Brink Expansion 35
Panic Station 108
Panzer General: Russian Assault 240
Paths of Glory 110
Penny Arcade 150
Pesky Humans
Phantom Leader 110
Phantom League (2010) 220
Phase by Agi
Pig Pile 80
Pokémon Trading Card Game 60
Poker Cards 52
Poo 110
Princess Bride: Storming the Castle -Tactics Cards 54
Prodigy (2010) 63
Quack in the Box 148
Quarriors 53
Quarriors Quarmageddon 26
Race For The Galaxy 150
Race for the Galaxy Alien Artifacts 60
Race For The Galaxy Rebel Vs. Imperium 53
Race for the Galaxy The Brink of War 54
Race For The Galaxy The Gathering Storm 48
Race For The Summit 130
Railroad Tycoon 71
Railways Of the World 2nd Edition 109
Railways Of the World First Edition 55
Red Dragon Inn (Slugfest) 190
Red Dragon Inn 2 (Slugfest) 190
Red Dragon Inn 3 (Slugfest) 239
Resident Evil: Alliance 250
Resident Evil: Deck Building Game 250
Resistance 61
Rheinlander 55
Rowboat by Moosetache Games 61
Scripts and Scribes
Sentinels of the Multiverse 578
Sentinels of the Multiverse: Rook City 222
Sentinels of the Multiverse: Unity Promo Hero Character 40
Seppuku 130
Seven Dragon
Shadow Hunters 72
Shadowrun TCG
Shifting Sands
Snarf Quest 50
Space Station Assault 51
Stalin's War 110
Star Trek CCG
Star Trek Expeditions
Star Trek Fleet Capt. 350
Star Trek: Custimizable Card Game (1st Ed)
Star Wars CCG
Street Illegal 117
Sturgeon (Minion) 60
Successors (3rd Edition) 70
Super Dungeon Explore 100
Super Showdown 18
Sylla 60
Tanto Cuore 300
The Napoleonic Wars
Thunderstone Advance: Towers of Ruin 566
Thunderstone Base Game 530
Thunderstone Doomgate Legion 317
Thunderstone Dragonspire 630
Thunderstone For the Dwarf Promo 13
Thunderstone Heart of Doom 302
Thunderstone Promo Pack #1 and #2 30
Thunderstone Thornwood Siege 284
Thunderstone Werewolf Promo Pack 14
Thunderstone Wrath of Elements 340
To Court the King 250
Tomb Tomb: Cryptmaster Tornado Alert! (2010) 75
Touch of Evil 270
Tournay 123
Tower of Mystery 154
Traders of Carthage 154
Train of Thought 201
Treasures and Traps 100
Triple Four 100
Triumvirate 27
Twilight Struggle 103
Twilight Struggle Deluxe Edition (2010) 110
Urban Sprawl 165
Vampire: The Eternal Struggle
Vampire Werewolf Faries 108
Vegas Showdown 33
War for Edaðh
War of Honor
Warhammer Invasion -Assult on Ulthuan 110
Warhammer Invasion -Coruption Cycle (each battle pack) 50
Warhammer Invasion -Enemy Cycle (each battle pack) 50
Warhammer Invasion -March of the Damned 165
Warhammer: Invasion 220
Warhammer: Invasion Arcane Fire 40
Warhammer: Invasion Bleeding Sun 60
Warhammer: Invasion Burning of Derricksburg 60
Warhammer: Invasion Chaos Moon 60
Warhammer: Invasion City of Winter 60
Warhammer: Invasion Deathmaster's Dance 60
Warhammer: Invasion Fiery Dawn 60
Warhammer: Invasion Kraz-a-Karak 60
Warhammer: Invasion Legends 165
Warhammer: Invasion Omens of Ruin 60
Warhammer: Invasion Pathe of the Zealot 60
Warhammer: Invasion Realm of the Phoenix King 60
Warhammer: Invasion Redemption of a Mage 60
Warhammer: Invasion Rising Dwn 60
Warhammer: Invasion Signs in the Stars 60
Warhammer: Invasion: Eclipse of Hope 60
Wasabi 10
Washington's War 110
Wench 60
Wilderness War 70
Wits and Wagers 7
World of Warcraft Trading Card Game
World War II: Barbarossa to Berlin 110
Wrath of Ashardalon (D&D) 200
Yggdrasil 52
Yomi Complete First Edition 530
Zanziar (2008) 220
Zombie in my Pocket (2010)
Zombie Ninja Pirates 108
Zombies!! 50
Zombies!! 10 32
Zombies!! 2 30
Zombies!! 3 and 3.5 82
Zombies!! 4 50
Zombies!! 5 32
Zombies!! 6 and 6.6 64
Zombies!! 7 32
Zombies!! 8 32
Zombies!! 9 32

» 160 65x90 mm card sleeves

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