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Drachenreiter (Kosmos) $16.90
Based on the Dragon Rider book by Cornelia Funke.

Players coordinate to defeat the evil dragon Nesselbrand (Nettle) with the help of the dragon Lung, Sulfurskin (the dwarven girl), and Ben (the human boy). As they journey to the border of the sky, the draons last refuge, players attempt to contribute to the bad dragon's defeat. The player who helped the most in bringing an end to Nesselbrand, wins the game.
Hamburgum (Rio Grande Games) $59.95
Hamburgum Hamburg in the 17th century! Mighty walls protect the city against the devastations of the Thirty Years War. Thanks to Protestant religious refugees, Hamburg has become the biggest and most prosperous city of Germany. From far away the skyline shows the steeples of huge churches and the masts of mighty trade ships displaying the citizens' pride and prosperity.The players guide families of Hamburg in the pursuit of wealth and prestige.

Adios Amigos (Pegasus Press) $16.21
Somewhere in Mexico, rival gangs of desperadoes clash. To survive the inevitable shoot-out, you need to keep the coolest head and have the fastest trigger finger˛

Adios Amigos is fast-paced card game runs for five game rounds during each of which each player represents three desperadoes. All players act simultaneously. They need to realize quickly which pistol counter allows them to shoot at which desperado, and then immediately pull the trigger.

Adios Amigos
Alhambra Gold Edition (Rio Grande Games) $44.96
Alhambra Gold Edition The golden anniversary edition version of the 2003 Spiel des Jahres offers new game material. This includes wooden fountains and an embroidered cloth bag, adding more atmosphere to the game!

This is a perfect gift for fans of Alhambra! The material is completely compatible with all the published expansions.

In Granada, one of the most impressive building projects of the Middle Ages has begun: the construction of Alhambra.

E.T.I.: Estimated Time to Invasion (Eye-Level Entertainment, LLP) $29.96
The year is 1965. You control a global corporation and bask in the world of the ultra-powerful. Life would be perfect if not for one little thing. A massive alien fleet is gliding silently through space toward Earth! You now must ally with your former industrial rivals to discover fantastic, futuristic technologies.

E.T.I.: Estimated Time to Invasion
A la Carte (Fantasy Flight Games) $49.95
A la Carte Can you stand the pressure, or will the competition serve you a dish of defeat?

Can you prepare the perfect dish before being sabotaged by the competition, or will your chance at culinary stardom end up in the trash?

A la Carte, the culinary game for skilled French cooks, pits players against each other in a cooking war to be named top chef. Follow the recipes to heat and spice your dishes accordingly, while attempting to avoid over-seasoning or burning them.

GiftTRAP 2nd Edition (GiftTRAP Enterprises) $29.99
GiftTRAP is the Secret Santa of Board Games. Exchanging gifts has never been so much fun. If you've never created and shared your “Bucket List” with your friends and family this game is for you. More than a dozen international awards let you know this game is a great time waiting to happen. It's got great replay value and a very broad appeal. Search the web for hundreds of independent reviews supporting the reputation of this highly innovative and unique game.

GiftTRAP 2nd Edition
Bad Babiez (Mayfair Games) $16.00
Bad Babiez Start frantic household warfare with other babies! Turn up the stereo volume, flood the bathroom, and make the baby sitter run screaming away in your quest to prove you're the Bad Baby of the house. But, beware! If anybody sees you cry or finds out you wet the bed, your reputation will be seriously compromised!
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