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First Train to Nuremberg (Z-Man Games) $35.19
During the second third of the 19th century, a rapid development of railway transport got under way. All over the world, the railway networks were growing and steam engines accelerated the progress. 175 years ago, on December 7 1935 to be precise, the first German train powered by a steam engine started operating between Nuremberg and Fürth, transporting passengers and goods. In England’s region of Wensleydale transport of goods via railway tracks was started 13 years later.

First Train to Nuremberg
BITS (Ravensburger) $22.74
BITS BITS is the follow-on, stand-alone game after FITS.

Players try to build shapes by arranging tiles on a grid in order to win as many points as possible.

90 Plastic tiles (4 sets of 20, 5 Starting tiles, 4 Neutral tiles, 1 Spare)
4 Game boards
4 Ramps (w/18 rubber feet)
5 Starting cards
10 Building cards
16 Task cards
Sumeria (Reiver Games) $28.80
In this strategy game, players struggle to gain control of the most important city-states in ancient Sumeria. Each turn, players use their traders to manipulate the importance of one of the city-states. Each time a city-state gains power, another loses power. The aim is to gain control of the pre-eminent city-states during the scoring rounds at the end of each dynasty. Players have to time their movements carefully, as a citystate can quickly lose favor.

Rialto (Tasty Minstrel Games) $31.96
Rialto Seek to gain power and influence in Venice, the city of bridges and gondolas. Build valuable bridges and buildings sending your counselors to take control of the most prestigious districts of the city, but do not neglect your finances or the Doge's favor.

Star Wars Card Sleeves: I Have You Now (Fantasy Flight Games) $4.99
Star Wars Card Sleeves: I Have You Now Use the Force to protect your cards!

Fantasy Flight Supply presents Star Wars Art Sleeves in six thematic designs, offering players new ways to shield their valuable cards as they simultaneously evoke dramatic space battles, dashing rogues, heroic mentors, and menacing villains. These attractive, high-quality sleeves come in packs of 50 and are made of 100 micron-thick, non-PVC, acid-free polypropylene plastic.

War Of The Ring - 2nd Edition Tin & Card Sleeves (Limit 1) (Ares Games) $9.96
For dedicated gamers who need to keep their WAR OF THE RING SECOND EDITION cards in perfect shape!
This accessory for the new edition of WAR OF THE RING will give to the owners of the revised edition to possibility to store and protect, with a custom-made solution using fantastic artwork by John Howe, the card decks included in WAR OF THE RING SECOND EDITION.

War Of The Ring - 2nd Edition Tin & Card Sleeves (Limit 1)
Typo (University Games) $9.71
Typo Vocabulary Fun for All Ages

Individual letter cards are placed on the table and players take turns adding letter cards from their hands to build words. Those who can't place their letters have to take the longest letter row into their hand. The first player to play all their cards wins.

Includes 64 cards.
Skyline 3000 (Z-Man Games) $38.96
Skyline City, year 3000. Another urban colony on another nameless moon. The galaxy always needs more living space for the traders, the miners, the pilots, the farmers and the soldiers that ply the overdeveloped planets and the space lanes connecting them. The infrastructure has been built and the atmosphere is just about ready to accept citizens and their families.

Skyline 3000
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