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Magical Athlete (Z-Man Games) $59.99
Magical Athlete In this fantastic arena, the most popular spectacle is about to begin. Footrace between 25 athletes like Siren, Witch, Centaur etc... These creatures are teamed up to win this exciting run. This game has two stages. At the draft, you pick up your athletes. And another stage is of course, the race itself.

At draft stage, each player makes bids with chips for getting five desired Athletes. After that, you select one Athlete from your team as runner for each race.

Origo (Hasbro Germany) $44.90
Bring one of five tribes in olden Europe to prosperity: Huns, Langobards, Goths, Vandals, or the Anglo Saxons.

The year is 412 and you play the leader of one of five tribes trying to bring their people to prosperity; establish countries, build up your sea power, form clans.

Fastrack (Blue Orange Games) $15.00
Fastrack With Fastrack, the action is non-stop and the fun is plentiful.
( this is Blue Orange Games' version of Le Passe-trappe )

Using the elastic cord, be quick and aim well to be the first to send all of the disks zooming across to the other side. WARNING: you may find it difficult to stop playing.

- 1 Wooden Track
- 10 Wooden Disks
- Illustrated Rules
Constantinopolis (Fantasy Flight Games) $35.97
n the 6th century A.D., ruled by Emperor Giustiniano (commonly Anglicized as 'Justinian'), Constantinopolis was the largest emporium in the Byzantine Empire. Built on the shore of the Marmara sea, at the entrance of Bosforo pass, its position led it take on the role of one of the most important harbors. Its quickly expanding trade and exports to close cities were great opportunities for the local businessman to expand their riches.

Adios Amigos (Pegasus Press) $16.21
Adios Amigos Somewhere in Mexico, rival gangs of desperadoes clash. To survive the inevitable shoot-out, you need to keep the coolest head and have the fastest trigger finger˛

Adios Amigos is fast-paced card game runs for five game rounds during each of which each player represents three desperadoes. All players act simultaneously. They need to realize quickly which pistol counter allows them to shoot at which desperado, and then immediately pull the trigger.

Dakota (Nexus) $29.95
The epic story of the Wild West colonization by American settlers has always been a controversial historical topic. Dakota brings the clash of unbridled American settlers with the Native Americans to the gaming table. Each player controls either a native tribe or a group of settlers, and tries to achieve his own goals utilizing available natural resources to develop his community.

Army of Frogs (Gen Four Two Games) $27.00
Army of Frogs With a small pond and an increasing population you must guard your territory if you want to survive. Rally your Army of Frogs into one troop and win the fight for territory.

Army of Frogs is a board-less, strategic, 2-4 player game. It is played with tactile frog tiles. The goal of the game is to connect your army of frogs. By using tactical maneuvering and strategic placement of both yours and your opponent's frogs tiles, a minimum of 7 frogs must be connected into one continuous unit.

Cash a Catch (Rio Grande Games) $31.96
It is early morning at the fish market and it is already alive with fish-mongers pushing their fishy products. The fish-mongers loudly praise their fresh fish as they try to attract as many of the numerous customers as possible.

"This is your lucky day! It is good that you have come by, for I can offer you 2 flounder and 1 shark for just € 10!" But only the fastest players will get the best deals, but move too fast and you may pay too much.

Cash a Catch
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