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Dear Board Gamer,

Over 15 years ago, my cousin Bruce introduced me to the world of board games with an unforgettable evening of Empire Builder. Yes... the game lasted over 4 hours -- but I loved it so much, I could have played for days.

Catan soon followed, with memorable games of Medici, Can't Stop, The Princes of Florence, and countless others I won't bore you with.

My love for gaming was born, and I had no idea where the tabletop journey would lead me...

Fast-forward to 2013:

Suddenly I'm the proud owner of a "little" site called BoardGamePrices.com.

The site soon became an obsession to me -- I couldn't stop thinking of new ideas and ways to grow it. Before I knew it, over half a million people were browsing games on BoardGamePrices.com each year.

I continue to be humbled and blown away by the support of the board game community.

Fast-forward to today:

We're excited to announce the upcoming launch of BoardsandBits.com, an online marketplace for new and used board games.

We invite you to sell your old games and add new ones to your collection with our innovative new marketplace.

Our goal is to take the pain away from selling your unused games.

As a buyer, you'll be able to:
  • Shop with confidence from other board game lovers like yourself, AND from larger established stores
  • Find sellers that are close to you to arrange for local pickup
  • Negotiate prices: Are you looking to purchase multiple games from the same seller? Make a fair offer to take several items off their game shelf
As a seller, you'll be able to:
  • List your items in less than 30 seconds
  • Take advantage of our low selling fees & negotiated shipping rates
  • Easily print shipping labels when your items sell

Our marketplace is designed so that you can spend less time buying & selling games, and more time at the gaming table.

BoardsandBits.com was a successful board game store for many years, and we're excited to be working with its previous owner, Tom Powers, to bring our new venture to life!

Building this exciting new marketplace is a challenging task, and we want to make sure everything is working properly before we open it to the public.

Our anticipated launch is Winter 2017/2018.

Join our waiting list today to be the first to hear when we go live.

I can't wait to start buying & selling games with you!



PS: Want to talk? Email me: [email protected]

Bit the Squid

Be the first to start buying and selling on Boards & Bits

I am a...
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Be the first to start buying and selling on Boards & Bits

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